Nathan Hare


Nathan Hare

Semi-Professional Googler

  • 💻 Software Developer

  • 📖 Student

  • 🇳🇿 Whangarei, New Zealand

I am a Year 12 student at Whangarie Boys' High School, a swimming coach for Kamo Amateur Swimming Club, a member of Questionable Research Labs, and a developer.

At School, I take Electronics, Digital Technology, Maths, Physics and, Cemetery, and Economics. I have competed in Science Fair, and have won awards at the regional competition twice now. At Questionable, I help many of the younger attendees with their projects as best can.

As a developer, I mostly use programming languages such as Rust, TypeScript, Java, C++. My preferred areas of development are: Native Apps and Backend. I work with, Flutter, React, Svelte, Sapper, Unity Engine, Linux, Firebase, GitHub, Actix Web, Spigot and others.

Recent Projects

Compiling BrainF**k to rust and the binary using rust

Displaying the school notices digital at my school, with an automatic refresh and less paper waste

An application to send out a text message a large number of phone numbers

A plugin to help with the admin of the Technocraft Survival Server, with features to meet our administrative and entertainment needs.

A snake game with some WASM componets

Implementing a BrainF**k interperter in too many languages

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